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The key to successful research is the appropriate formulation of the questions to be answered or the hypotheses to be tested. We can help you to state in clear, unambiguous language exactly what it is you are seeking to learn, why it is important, and how it relates to existing theory and current knowledge.
Research design is the art of determining the appropriate methods to answer the question asked. In order to accomplish this efficiently, the design must address issues such as: study type (exploratory, descriptive, or experimental), research approach (quantitative, qualitative or hybrid), sample frame, sample size, fielding technique, questionnaire content & construct, and some concept as to what will constitute sufficient evidence for drawing conclusions. We can guide you through this process in such a way that you will have clear understanding of the appropriate steps to take to answer your research questions.
Experimental (i.e., “causal”) research requires careful design in order to control for threats to the validity of the research. That is, in order to ensure that only differences that are attributable to the experimental treatment are measured. Design features such as the experimental & control group design, random sampling methodology, experimental treatment, and pre- & posttest observation must be considered carefully if the research is to isolate and measure the effects/impacts of changes in the values of independent variables.
Successful research requires that the data employed be appropriate for the questions asked and hypotheses tested. Are secondary data available and appropriate for analysis? If primary data are to be collected, what is the population of interest? What is an appropriate (available) sampling frame? How large should the sample be? What are the expected response rates?
Key to any successful research project is the ability to capture the information needed to answer the research questions and to test hypotheses. Questionnaires must be designed in such a way as to collect the required information in a clear and efficient manner. Respondents must be provided with (and maintain) a high level of comprehension of the research subject. In order to ensure reasonable response rates, both the time and opinions of potential respondents must be treated with respect. We are expert in the design and development of survey instruments that provide the information required for effective decision making, while maintaining content, construct, and criterion related validity.
We can arrange for your survey to be fielded either over the Internet via emailed invitations or by telephone. If your organization will need a consistent respondent group for multiple studies, we can assist you in the development of a specialized panel for this purpose.
Quantitative analyses and statistics are the primary methods for drawing accurate conclusions from data. Consequently, the selection of appropriate statistical techniques is critical for the success of any research project. Our experience has shown that too often researchers select a statistical technique, not because of its value to the research question, but rather, for its apparent sophistication or complexity (or currency).

We can guide you to the statistical techniques that will best describe your data, and to allow you to draw accurate inferences about target populations and to test research hypotheses.

We also offer statistical services using current statistical software.

While the services we offer DO NOT include text editing; we are expert at determining if the evidence presented in your report supports the conclusions drawn. We will assess your document (or any other prepared research) to determine if appropriate inductive and deductive reasoning were employed in the interpretation of the data and information presented.

If you need research project management, but don’t want to go to the expense of hiring a full-service research firm, we can help. While we provide the full range of research and analysis services – from proposals and research design through fielding to analysis and reporting – we also offer these services on an a la carte basis.

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